About Our Venue

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Wedding Venue

Everything has to be absolutely picture perfect for this very special occasion - and Qwin Qwa Rula doesn't disappoint! We make sure everything is just a big success so your day can be a dream fulfilled!


Besides the beautiful exterior of the venue hall there are many other scenes to choose from. The contrast of green and dry brush works perfect. You can take pictures in the bushveld, on the sandy dirt road, or perhaps even at our fishing lake where we have a rustic style doorway ready - all of which create spectacular photo backgrounds!

Corporate Function Venue

If we can host musical events and perfect weddings without a sweat, we're sure to make any corporate event a big success too. We have a mic and stage ready for announcers and speakers.

Birthday Venue

Preparing to celebrate a loved one's birthday, but want to make it really special for them? Just get in touch with us and we'll do our very best!

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